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Jigsaw puzzles from Japan

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Around 2500 by special order

Welcome to the Imaginatorium Shop, now in our twenty-first year!

From our base in Japan (see the map!), we send jigsaw puzzles anywhere in the world. Most of the hundreds of puzzles we have in stock feature oriental themes, but the high quality of Japanese-made puzzles (exquisite printing, really solid card stock, and clean cutting) also makes "reverse imports" highly desirable — puzzles of Peanuts, Disney, and lots of other Western characters popular in Japan. In general, if a puzzle is available in Japan, we can get it for you within a week or so - see the special orders page.

We are operating!

We still struggle with various shipping problems, and now the shipping rates for parcels and EMS have been updated. Generally this means a small increase, but there are a few cases in which costs are actally reduced. The yen is currently at a long-time low against major currencies, so overall there are bargains to be had.

Update 1st July

Apologies! I carefully copied the updated shipping rates from a Japan Post publication dated 1st June, but later discovered a different publication from the same date which adds a "supplementary charge" to the EMS and air parcel rates for zones 3 and 4 only. I have corrected this, resulting in an increase for these zones.

Then the next news is of price increases: we have received warnings from Tenyo and Beverly of increases later in the year. The yen continues to slide down, so this is perhaps inevitable. Updates will follow.

Bit of good news at last: airmail services are resuming to a number of countries, mostly in Europe. I will update these within a day or so.

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Latest additions

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Latest Peanuts


Brian Chandler


It seems incredible, but this is our twentieth anniversary: Imaginatorium Shop first opened its virtual doors in April 2002. Many thanks to our customers over the years who have made this possible.

Sadly, this is a low point, not a high one. The appalling invasion of Ukraine by Putin drags on, at horrendous cost in human life and happiness, making it sometimes difficult to concentrate on the everyday business of puzzles.

And Covid has not gone away. Postal services are still varyingly disrupted by Covid-related restrictions and to Europe in particular by effects of the war in Ukraine. There is no consistent pattern: for example, Australia has suspended airmail, leaving surface operating, and New Zealand exactly the opposite.

The yen has fallen against major currencies by something like 20%, which of course makes the cost of our puzzles less in dollar or euro terms, but now we are faced with price increases in shipping costs (Post Office from June), and also miscellaneous costs such as packaging materials. We will keep any increases strictly to the extra amounts for shipping.

Finally a bright spot! The new site at is fully operational, and I am at last working on redirecting all old shop pages to the corresponding new ones. With the move, we will also switch to using the new mail address Please make sure you are able to receive emails from this address; recently we have had many problems with our mails apparently caught in errant mail filtering systems.

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