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Interim version!

I have not yet implemented a proper system for ordering frames, so please refer to this information, then ask me.

Further down this page: Guide to shipping costs - Frame enquiry form

"Do you sell frames?"

Here's what the FAQ still says: "No. The pre-made frames are quite expensive, and would be very awkward to ship. In general, I think you will get a better deal - both quality and price - by going to an artist's store, and just getting a frame, either ready-made or custom." But so many people have asked, that I have decided we will supply frames where we can. Here are some guidelines:

How many different styles are there?

Lots! See below.

Are there frames for all puzzle sizes?

There are frames made to fit exactly the standard Japanese puzzle sizes. Please note that these are different from typical sizes of puzzles made elsewhere. The available range of styles is wider for the common sizes.

How much do frames cost?

Generally about the same as the puzzle.

Are they of good quality?

Yes, they are nicely made, and not flimsy clip-together kits, but pre-assembled at full size. See next question.

What about shipping?

There's the rub. The frames are slightly larger than the completed puzzle, so the problem is bulkiness. Here's the low-down:

For the time being, please ask about the specifics for the destination country. For the time being the service is experimental - it may be that until we actually pack a frame we can't tell if it will be within the size limit.

Here are some sample ranges we will be able to provide, together with price guidelines... (more information on available size and style/colour combinations later)

Wooden frames with gold beading (Beverly)

Colour range

300 pc: 2000 yen
500 pc: 2300 yen
1000 pc / 950 panorama: 3400 yen
2000 pc: 8000 yen

Plain wooden frames (Beverly)

Colour range

300 pc: 2000 yen
500 pc: 2300 yen
1000 pc / 950 panorama: 3400 yen
2000 pc: 8000 yen

Minimal aluminium frames (Beverly)

Colour range

300 pc: 1500 yen
500 pc: 2000 yen
1000 pc / 950 panorama: 2800 yen
2000 pc: 4800 yen

Ghibli Studios (Artbox)

New! The former wooden frames are being replaced by similar ones in plastic with a moulded relief pattern, in "acorn" (brown) and "leaf" (green) varieties.

Ghibli relief finish

108 pc: 1800 yen
300 pc: 2800 yen
500 pc: 3500 yen
1000 pc: 4800 yen

Disney frames (Tenyo)

Disney plaque for frame

These include a Disney plaque which you can affix to the front of the framed puzzle.
300 pc: 2200 yen (plain wood: natural, brown, red, blue, green)
500 pc: 2500 yen (plain wood: natural, brown, red, blue, green)
950 pc panorama: 4300 yen (wood, with gold beading: natural, brown, red, blue)
1000 pc: 3800 yen (plain wood: natural, brown, white, red, blue)

Disney embossed frames
Disney embossed frame

These frames are embossed with a panoply of Disney characters to surround your completed puzzle. They are quite heavy, and surprisingly fragile, so shipping will be considerably more than for the wooden or aluminium frames. They are available in three finishes.
2000 pc: 8800 yen (pearl white only)

1000 pc: 5200 yen (brown, natural, pearl white)
950 pc panorama: 5200 yen (brown, natural, pearl white)
456 small pieces panorama: 2800 yen (white only, suitable for both conventional and "stained art" translucent puzzles)
Yanoman tiny puzzles ("Petit")

There are also frames for the Petit series:
208 pieces postcard size (Y98-series) 500 yen each: in black, brown, white, natural, red, pink, yellow, and light blue

500 pieces double postcard size (Y41-series) 800 yen each: in white, brown, natural, deep blue
Disney version, including seals, 900 yen each: brown, natural, pink, and light blue

Guide to shipping costs

We do not yet have an automatic system for ordering, but here is a guide to EMS shipping costs for (standard) 1000-piece size. The cost for 500-piece size will be around 60% of the corresponding figure, and for 300-piece size, around 40%, or less if you choose economy shipping.

(Updated for EMS price increase in 2016)

1000-piece size Zone 1
Zone 2-1
(N. Cen. America,
Oceania, Middle East)
Zone 2-2
Zone 3
(S. America, Africa)
One frame 3000 yen 4100 yen 4500 yen 6200 yen
Two frames, or one frame + one puzzle 4200 yen 5700 yen 6300 yen 9400 yen
Two frames + two puzzles 6300 yen 8600 yen 9600 yen 15700 yen

The 950/954 piece panorama frames are somewhat heavier (mathematically, the area of the 950 pcs puzzles is slightly less than that of 1000pcs, so the puzzles weigh less, but the perimeter is longer, so the frames weigh more!), so expect to add around 20% to the 1000-piece rate.

Please note also that the embossed figure frames, and the frames for "crystal" (translucent) puzzles are made of plastic, and these are heavier and more fragile than wooden ones. So extra packaging is required, and the cost is significantly higher.

It is harder to estimate for (standard) 2000-piece size: some wood frames (or the Disney embossed frames) may weigh twice as much as aluminium ones. Here are approximate ranges.

2000-piece size Zone 1
Zone 2-1
(N. Cen. America,
Oceania, Middle East)
Zone 2-2
Zone 3
(S. America, Africa)
One frame 5000–6600 yen 6700–8900 yen 7400–9900 yen 11300–16000 yen
One frame + one puzzle 6000–7600 yen 8100–10300 yen 9100–11600 yen 14500–19200 yen

Frame enquiry form

Please use the following form, giving as much information as you can: either give the Imaginatorium Shop puzzle code, or the dimensions, since exact sizes sometimes depend on the manufacturer.

You must write something in the 'Message' box; otherwise all fields are optional, but the more information you give, the more likely it is that I will be able to help.


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