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Tenyo has been in the puzzle business for almost as long as any company in Japan. They now concentrate almost entirely on Disney puzzles, but have a huge range. For a little more history, see the manufacturers page.

Box contents

Box contents

In days gone by you opened a jigsaw puzzle box, and inside were just the pieces! But Japanese puzzles come with various extra bits and pieces. The assumption is that you will only do the puzzle once, then glue it together for wall mounting, to impress your friends.

Contents (figure)

1 Most important - the pieces

2 Missing piece card (details on request)

3 Foil sachet of puzzle glue

4 Cardboard glue spreader

Doing the puzzle

Ignore the strict instructions to do the edge pieces first: put the bits together in any order you like. If you want to display the puzzle, you can use the glue to stick it together. Spread a sheet of clean but unwanted paper under the completed puzzle, with the puzzle the right way up. Then pour the glue over the front of the puzzle: spread it out with the sponge, so all the joints get neatly filled with glue. It should dry with a nice glossy finish.

Disclaimer: I have very limited experience of gluing puzzles - I usually break them up to do again some day. But I have had some success with trompe l'oeil murals!

Please note: Actual box contents may vary slightly - if you find any major discrepancies, please let us know.


October 2022 The original Tenyo site is still at https://tenyo.jp/, but the jigsaw puzzles have moved to a new site at https://tenyo.store. The jigsaw puzzle index shows some puzzles; you can use the following links to select by pieces or topic. But each page shows a maximum of 24 puzzles, so almost always the list on our website will be more complete (for example, we currently have 137 1000-piece puzzles in stock). There does not appear to be any indication of whether puzzles are currently available or not.

Tenyo also produces a range of children's puzzles, with large pieces from sturdy thick card, and these are listed on the original website.

Below, the small numbers in parenthesis show the approximate number of puzzles shown in each list. (Note that these may be missing or out of date, and also many lists overlap.)

Traditional cardboard puzzles

108 pieces (24) - 200 pieces (10) - 300 pieces (23) - 500 pieces (24) - 1000 pieces (24) - 2000 pieces (11) - 1000 tiny pieces (21) - 456 small pieces panorama (6) - 2000 small pieces (4)

Opaque white plastic puzzles

266 small pieces (12) - 500 small pieces (13) - 1000 pieces (10) - 1000 small pieces (5)

Crystal translucent puzzles

266 spcs crys (24) - 456 spcs crys (10) - 500 spcs crys (21) - 1000 crys (6)

Special features

Canvas finish (23) - Double-sided (2) - Glow-in-the-dark (23) - Hologram finish (18) - Gilding style (3) - Photo frame insert (10) - Crystal hologram (9)

Puzzle series

Artist collection (24) - Twinkle shower collection (11) - One Day at Sunset (2) - Moonlight collection (3) - Once upon a time (5) - Light and shade (4) - Dramatic lighting (2) - Silhouette romance (2)


Disney All Stars (24) - Mickey and friends (24) - Disney Princesses (24) - Pooh Bear (23) - Other Disney characters (23) - Pixar characters (23) - Star Wars (2) - Marvel series (9) - Harry Potter (4) - Miscellaneous (5)


Regular 108 pieces - Regular 200 pieces - Regular 300 pieces - Regular 500 pieces - Regular 950 pieces - Regular 1000 pieces - Regular 2000 pieces - Regular tiny 1000 pieces - Regular small 456 pieces - Opaque plastic 266 small pieces - Opaque plastic 500 small pieces - Opaque plastic 1000 pieces - Opaque plastic 1000 small pieces - Crystal translucent small 266 pieces - Crystal translucent small 456 pieces - Crystal translucent small 500 pieces - Crystal translucent 1000 pieces


Note: The Tenyo product codes all include the piece count. E.g. D-1000-245 is a 1000-piece puzzle.

(Updated July 2023)

Identifying Tenyo puzzles

The Disney puzzle shown above has the code D-1000-301: the number after 'D' indicates the number of pieces. Occasionally there is an extra letter, and non-Disney puzzles generally have a 'T' in place of the 'D'. Imaginatorium Shop codes condense these: e.g. the above appears as TD10301.

Note Generally Japanese manufacturers show the exact number of pieces on the box, but the service card inside this puzzle states that although "1000 pieces", there are actually 1014 pieces.

Special orders

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