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Welcome to the Imaginatorium Shop, now in our twenty-second year!

From our base in Japan (see the map!), we send jigsaw puzzles anywhere in the world. Most of the hundreds of puzzles we have in stock feature oriental themes, but the high quality of Japanese-made puzzles (exquisite printing, really solid card stock, and clean cutting) also makes "reverse imports" highly desirable — puzzles of Peanuts, Disney, and lots of other Western characters popular in Japan. In general, if a puzzle is available in Japan, we can get it for you within a week or so - see the special orders page.

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2024 is the Year of the Dragon

The next symbol in the twelve-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac (see Wikipedia article)...

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Brian Chandler


November 2023: progress at last!

This "blog" has been grossly neglected, so the "November" just replaced was from 2022. Anyway, there is some progress: we have finally reached 1300 titles in stock, if only momentarily!

Good news and mixed news

The good news is that things are finally beginning to return to normal. Officially in Japan, the Covid pandemic has ended. We have survived record summer temperatures, and seem to have lurched suddenly into the beginning of winter.

The mixed news: well, first, some services have returned at last, in particular the airmail "small packet" service to USA, Canada, and the UK. (But with warnings for Canada in particular of extra delay because of reduced capacity. And for the US, record drought may delay services through the Panama Canal.)

Then at the beginning of October, with no prior warning to us, the Post Office announced another set of rate increases. At least these are fairly minor, and the continuing fall of the yen at least offers better exchange rates.

Other issues

The Special orders page includes a guide to each of the manufacturers' websites, and we try to keep these regularly updated. From time to time, of course, the website change format, and we have to rewrite the software that gets the relevant information. This time it is the Ensky (Artbox) site that has radically changed. The display in a browser looks more or less the same, but they have changed the way data gets sent, creating a minor headache for us. I will be working on it.

Then Tenyo: there has been a regular flow of new puzzles recently, which inevitably means older titles getting discontinued. But unlike other manufacturers they do not give us any definitive information on puzzle status – will there be more stock, and when? So many linger with the "Resupply date uncertain" label... this is unhelpful, I know, but I'm afraid there is nothing we can do about it. There is also a curious current problem, with codes in the TD10-800 range. It turns out that (again, unlike other manufacturers!) Tenyo codes get recycled. So we already have database entries for many of these new puzzles, but relating to identical product codes from many years ago. The practical effect is that we may fail to recognise new puzzles, since we already have the same code. Well, we have a workaround, but it sometimes causes delays.

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  • We also sell glue! Yanoman puzzle glue (100 g), 180 yen
    (Standard PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) puzzle glue - almost all puzzles include glue, but when you need extra, one of these bottles should be enough for two 1000-piece puzzles. Note that this will not work for the "Crystal" translucent puzzles made of plastic, which need no glue.)
  • Manufacturer details: Apollo - Appleone - Artbox/Ensky - Beverly - Cuties - Epoch - Road - Tenyo - Yanoman - more historical info
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