Jigsaw puzzles from Japan

Missing Piece?

OK, so you've done the puzzle carefully, it's almost finished, and you get that sinking feeling. There are plainly five holes, and exactly four pieces to fit in them. What should you do? Well, first fill in all the holes except one, then...

If all else fails, this page may be able to help you! Complete the form below, and we will try to get you a replacement piece.

Small Print

This page is provided in the hope it will be useful. I am not acting as agent for any of the puzzle manufacturers; I cannot guarantee that you will be able to get a replacement, and I cannot accept any responsibility in the event of any dispute or problem (except for refunding any fee you have paid us).

Unfortunately it's common to find that a piece is missing in a puzzle bought several years previously, having sat on a shelf for some time before that. In such cases, you are likely to be disappointed. (But see below)

It doesn't matter whether the missing piece is from a puzzle you bought from us - if you are an Imaginatorium Shop customer, I'll do whatever I can to help you get a replacement piece, including forwarding by post if necessary. I'm afraid that for non-customers, if we have to handle forwarding of pieces, postcards, or whatever, there will be an administration fee of 1000 yen. Of course, the best way to avoid this is to buy a puzzle, and become a customer!

Where possible, we will pass the contact information you give to the manufacturer, so they can send you a piece directly.

Enquiry form

We need to know the manufacturer and puzzle details; all puzzles include a "Missing piece" card (or slip) with a manufacturing date code, and we need this to ensure an exact replacement. (The dies used to cut puzzles change from time to time.) Then we need to know which piece, and your contact details.

Sample date code
Key to manufacturing date code for Tenyo puzzles

To identify the puzzle batch, we need the "Manufacturing number" (50812A in the example shown). Please note: Tenyo will not respond to requests without this code. If you do not have the postcard, please ask and we will send you instructions on how to make a request by sending the surrounding pieces directly to Tenyo.

Show information for a different manufacturer:


This box is free-form: please supply as much information as possible.

Your name:

We normally send replacement pieces in a regular airmail letter. Please give your full postal address:

Your Email address:

You should receive an automatic confirmation by email, almost immediately. If you do not, please check that you entered the correct email address, and resubmit if necessary.

If all else fails...

If you have a puzzle that is five or more years old, or if it's not from a Japanese manufacturer and you cannot find a contact for getting replacements, all may not be lost. Try the Jigsaw Puzzle Doctor, a UK firm that makes individual replacement pieces for a very reasonable fee.