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Blog entry for June 2009

Big pile of new Epoch titles arrived last week, so I'm trying to get cracking on the ones still waiting in the queue.

I updated the Shu fantasy art page, or rather pages now, since I've split off the smaller (300/500) puzzles. We sell overwhelmingly more puzzles in the 1000+ piece range, but we do also get customers who are just looking for smaller puzzles. So increasingly I'm aiming to get the complete manufacturer range on display. (One of the backroom things I've been busy on recently is our system for updating from the manufacturer online catalogs, at least where this is possible.)

Then next in line is a whole page of "military history" - paintings of famous battle incidents, including Suwahara's portrayal of the battle of red cliffs, subject of new Chinese blockbuster. Japanese history is entwined with that of China, just as English and French history are, and as always easily-romanticised incident get picked out from wherever they happened.

Then the fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano makes a comeback with two new puzzles from Appleone, and we'll also have a new page featuring trains and the romance of steam. And more...

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