Imaginatorium Shop, version 2

Welcome to the new Imaginatorium site at There is no "total reorganisation", so you should be able to find things easily, and eventually any bookmarks to the old shop will be redirected to the right page. The new checkout is working, which means that in simple cases you will be able to complete a purchase in the normal way.

Covid-19: Shop status

There are still many problems in the postal system, varying hugely from one country to another. More details on the front page, and at the checkout there will be more specific information about the destination country (sorry: not implemented for all countries yet!).

Chit-chat from Imaginatorium Shop

Forum added

Blog entry for May 2009

I have at last installed a forum, where you can make comments, or ask questions. There is also a section for my blog, which should help me provide rather more commentary than twice a year!

You will need to sign up to post: please remember you are writing in public, not just sending me a message.

This is not yet customised or integrated—the software I'm using is the standard version of phpBB3. For the time being you need to let it open in a new browser tab (or window) otherwise there's no way back.

Brian Chandler

"A kind of blog..." My sporadic comments, mostly topical, on shop matters. (Brian Chandler)